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Reboot, the 2018 edition

A blog post you definitely were not waiting 13 months to read. Continue reading

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The night I met The Avengers

It’s been three years since the night the original Avengers film was unleashed upon us. Continue reading

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Episode VII: Who cares about grain?

  In case you didn’t know or were encased in carbonite, the film franchise known at “Star Wars” is kind of a big deal. While the news that Ben Affleck will be the next thespian to  portray the iconic character … Continue reading

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$200 Reviews, #4: “Pain & Gain”

If you had told me four or five years years ago I would someday have an appreciation for the acting talents of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I would have taken you to the nearest ER. Continue reading

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$200 Reviews #3, “Star Trek Into Darkness”

If it wasn’t for the hasty attempt to put a nice bow on the movie and the lack of forward momentum on plotting, “Into Darkness” would be considered a superior entry in the Trek saga. Continue reading

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$200 Reviews: Preamble

    What’s a guy to do with his summer when he’s graduated from college and waiting to hear about his possible future in grad school?    Simple. Go see a movie. A lot.     Thanks to a very … Continue reading

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Review: “A Good Day to Die Hard”

        What do you get when you put a 25-year old action series, along with its aging protagonist, together with the director of “Max Payne” and “The Omen,” and the screenwriter of the notoriously incompetent “X-Men Origins: … Continue reading

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