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In a month I’ll be attending the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Super Speedway with my dad and my two friends Mason and Brian. It’s long been a dream to be able to attend a race at the longest superspeedway in the United States.

For anyone who thinks auto racing is boring, this is the track that proves them wrong. Lap after lap, 43 cars race at 200 miles per hour inches from each other’s fender, trying to avoid “The Big One.” One wrong move and it’s over for a hopeful drive and anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up in the mess.

I’ve watched a lot of restrictor plate races over the years and without a doubt it’s the most exciting type of racing in NASCAR. I was able to visit the track two summer’s ago with my family and of the few tracks I’ve visited, with the exception of Indianapolis Raceway Park: Texas, Atlanta, Kansas, the Brickyard and even Daytona, Talladega is the track that’s felt like pure NASCAR. It hasn’t been exploited for mainstream money making purposes like Daytona, and it’s not a cookie cutter track like Kansas.

Atlanta is just a smaller version of Texas, which is just like Charlotte. Talladega is a beast unto itself. Sure, it’s similar to Daytona, but there’s nothing like the the last dash to finish at Dega, where cars can be as much as 4 or 5 wide going through the tri-oval.

This is the first of many NASCAR/Talladega posts I’ll bring to you in the month leading up to the race on May 6th.

As the video above shows, amazing things can happen at Talladega, as Dale Earnhardt won the 2000 Winston 500 after coming from 17th place to win in the last 5 laps.

Please share your own Talladega and NASCAR memories. What does Talladega mean to you?

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