Ninety Minutes with my Cable Guy



My cable guy was a month late.

No, not to install my cable. He arrived safely within the two-hour window of 5 – 7 p.m., which I had scheduled three weeks ago.

My cable guy, Carter, was born a month late, 24 years ago.

I found this out about 20-25 minutes into his install of my cable, internet and a phone service I won’t pay for (“Do you know how many times I hear that a day?”).

But it could have been worse. Continue reading

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The Office of Bonnie Thrasher

bonnie-thrasherThe first thing you noticed when you walked into the office of Bonnie Thrasher was that you couldn’t see much of it.

Her dwelling, located on the second floor of the Communications building, which I first visited during my freshman year at Arkansas State University in early 2010, was the epitome of  a journalist’s cubicle in a newsroom.

The wall was covered in credentials for college media conferences, plaques and pictures.

Then there were the newspapers. Continue reading

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Leonard Nimoy, 1931 – 2015

NimoyEveryone has their own Mount Rushmore.

I’m talking about the hypothetical mountain, located in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota that doesn’t have the faces of four presidents blasted and carved into its side.

The mountain we mentally anoint with create of our favorite actors, athletes, singers, etc., in their place.

I have a more specific Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

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Highway 20-something

With my current state of unemployment and my longest stretch at home in two years I’ve had ample to time to consider what the rest of my 20s will feel like.

It will be like I’m driving down the highway in my blue 2003 Dodge Durango.

The radio will be on, playing the rock station I’ve listened to for years. But I’m not really listening. I’ll be enjoying the company of my closest friends from high school.

The mile markers pass. The jokes and insults fly. We’ve shared them a hundred times before but no one cares.

Then the mile markers start to get bigger and off ramps more frequent. Continue reading

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The Soundtrack of Turning 24

They don’t write songs about being 24.

OK, unless they’re songs from 1999 by Chris Cornell or a band called The Promise Ring, there aren’t many songs about being two dozen years old.

This is what happens as you get older, I guess.

You’re in dire straights when you have to Google “songs about being 24″ just to make sure there’s not an iconic, generation defining song your mind’s blanking on. Continue reading

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Chris Pratt and his ‘phantasmagorical’ career moment


Chris Pratt (Photo by Daniel McFadin)

Last July, while covering NASCAR’s Brickyard 400, I jumped at the chance to attend a press conference involving the race’s honorary pace car driver.

Just before noon I made my way to the bottom floor of the media center where the press conference room was and made myself comfortable.

My place of comfort happened to be in the seat directly behind said driver, Chris Pratt.

Pratt, giving an interview with SiriusXM radio’s NASCAR channel, was in Indianapolis to promote the release of Marvel’s highly risky, yet eventually second-highest grossing movie of 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which was less than a week away.

When he was done, Pratt disappeared out the door before the formal presser began.

Roughly an hour before the green flag dropped, the room was occupied by maybe 10 people, including photographers. One such photographer sitting in front of me paused to ask a very important question:

“Who is this guy?”

If what Deadline reports is even remotely true, he’s the guy who could replace Harrison Ford as one of the most iconic characters in cinema history:

Indiana Jones.

Think about that for a second. Continue reading

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Star Trek: Voyager and waffles

VoyagerWhenever I think about the fourth TV series to bear the name “Star Trek” in its title, at some point my mind wanders to breakfast. Specifically, waffles.

I don’t eat waffles regularly anymore, that comes with being a 24-year-old who has a tendency to not wake up until the sun has all ready begun its descent. Also, I’m just not a fan of breakfast food in general.

But for a while, it was a ritual. A ritual I took part in for an hour every Wednesday night, either from 8 – 9 PM, or 9 to 10 PM. That’s when my waffles and I would head to the Delta Quadrant. Continue reading

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