Wade Phillips, coaching records and not labeling tweets

I returned home today from a long afternoon of traversing Indianapolis to find a place to get an oil change and a car wash (the latter impossible in our post-snow storm world) to find I had accidentally started a media storm in Dallas.

Two days ago (March 5) I had been in my sports writing class at IUPUI, taught by Ronnie Ramos, the sports director at the Indianapolis Star. At the end of class Ronnie asked us which NFL head coach we wished we could write an in-depth profile on. My knee jerk reaction was Bill Belichick of the Patriots, because as I said in class, “He’s a mystery wrapped inside an enigma.”

But then I drifted to my cherished Dallas Cowboys, who are coached by Jason Garrett. I would want to write about the kind of personality it takes to be a coach for Jerry Jones  the Cowboys. Continue reading

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A special guest post by my father

By Patrick McFadin

I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of speed. I love the feel of acceleration. I love racing, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. As long as I can remember I wanted to drive race cars. I completely wore out my Snake and Mongoose Hot Wheels.

Years before live broadcasts of NASCAR, I remember hoping ABC’s Wide World of Sports would show a race. I loved seeing Richard Petty’s blue and red 43 flying down the back stretch of Daytona, passing lesser cars with great frequency. I remember the s’s at Riverside International. I remember when ABC News would report who the winner was just before the tape delayed broadcast of the Indy 500 started. They didn’t understand the phrase “spoiler alert.” Occasionally, you would see NHRA Drag Racing. Continue reading

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‘The Greatest Feeling You Can Feel’ at the 2014 Daytona 500

The worst part was the 5-hour-drive.

I sat at a Buffalo Wild Wings bar in Fayetteville, Ark. My dad on sat to my right.

We watched as Jimmie Johnson, or “5-Time” as Darrell Waltrip lovingly called him, won his second Daytona 500.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., both mine and my dad’s favorite driver, had come up short on a last lap charge through the final two corners to finish second.


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My Sea of Singleness

I’m lonely.

I’ve been lonely since the first day of 8th grade in 2004. That was the day I was alerted to the biological fact that there was more to this life than reading the next Star Wars novel, no matter how great it was. That was the day I realized material things weren’t going to truly satisfy me for the rest of my life. Continue reading

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Why I’ll Never Love My Kindle

Yesterday, as I was leaving school and bracing myself for a walk through the Tauntaun-killing cold we’re enduring here in Indiana, a fellow student stepped into the elevator holding a fairly thick paperback novel.

I like to think all book lovers have a book radar (patent pending). If someone walks into a room holding one or I pass by another person reading, I try to figure out what they have their nose stuck in as inconspicuously as possible.  Since we were in an elevator, I didn’t have to be sneaky about it.

“So what book are you reading?”

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After controversy filled season, perspective needed with Sherman

There was a time when the toast of the NFL universe was how many times Peyton Manning said “Omaha” and where John Harbaugh happens to buy his slacks.

Then the conference championship games were played.

Now we’re talking about something more important, yet still also completely over blown: Richard Sherman and his post-game interview following the NFC Championship game.

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Catching Up: Arrow

Arrow Movie PosterI have never read a single Green Arrow comic book. Not one.

My experience with the character created by Morton Weisinger in 1941 is relegated to his appearances on the “Justice League: Unlimited” cartoon (all hail Bruce Timm!) and of course the incarnation portrayed by Justin Hartley on seasons 6 and  8 – 10 of “Smallville.”

So there’s my experience with the Emerald Archer.

Enter “Arrow.”

Only a year and a half following the conclusion of “Smallville”s 10-year-run on the WB/CW, the network that targets female audiences through interchangeable male actors and vampires decided to tap back into the world created by DC comics. It launched a series devoted to Oliver Queen’s adventures in Starling City as Green Arrow…..I mean The Vigilante…no, The Hood…wait, that’s not it…..um, just The Arrow? OK, fine. The Arrow it is.
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